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International Prostate Symptom Score (I-PSS)  


Over the past months                          not at all      less than    less than     about ½      more than      almost
                                                                                      once in        half the         the time        half the           always

                                                    5 times      time                                     time

How often have you had the 

sensation of not completely 

emptying your bladder after                     0                     1                     2                     3                      4                  



How often have you had to 

urinate again within less 

than 2 hours after you                              0                     1                      2                   3                      4                   

first urinated? 


How often have you found  

you had to stop and start  

again several times when                         0                      1                       2                   3                      4                  




How often have you  

found it difficult to                                    0                      1                      2                    3                      4                 

postpone urinating? 


How often have you had  

a weak urine stream?                                 0                      1                       2                  3                     4                  


How often have you had  

to push or strain to begin                         0                     1                       2                  3                      4                 



How many times did you  

most typically have to get up               none           1 time           2 times           3 times           4 times      5 or more 

to urinate during the night? 



0-7: mild obstruction 

8-18: moderate obstruction 

More than 18: severe obstruction