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Oyster Boost for Erectile Dysfunction 


Its potent effect on Male Sexual Health

Helps Improve Low Libido


At around 30-40 years of age, many men begin to experience a gradual decrease in sexual desire and performance. There are many factors contributing to this – stress, bad lifestyle, environmental toxins and pollution, radiation, chemically laden, processed and GM foods, smoking, secondary smoke, recreational drugs, excessive alcoholic consumption, lack on bio-available organic minerals and vitamins, and a whole host of other factors. 


A lack of organic zinc in the diet is one factor that may contribute to diminishing libido: insufficient zinc may lead to male hyperplasia and atrophy of the testes. One of the early symptoms of a decline in libido is an impairment in the sense of taste. A lack of organic zinc also contributes to this taste impairment.


Compounded with a deficient diet, excessive consumption of alcohol also causes zinc deficiency in the body. Alcohol obstructs the absorption of zinc by the body. 


A healthy adult requires 15mg of zinc daily. However, organic zinc can only be fully absorbed and utilized by the body only if it is replenished on time. Oysters are rich in organic zinc. Every 100g of oyster contains 47.8mg of organic zinc. 


The organic zinc in Oyster Boost uses tripeptides as its carrier. This allows for speedy absorption and utilization by the body and helping to keep our bodies in optimal condition at all times. 


Erectile Dysfunction  

Oyster Boost
 is fast and effective in inhibiting the activity of arginase. Therefore is helps increase the level of arginine in the body. 


Except for erectile dysfunction due to artery and vein atrophy (a rare form of male impotence that requires surgical treatment), Oyster Boost has significant positive effects and results on erectile dysfunction caused by all other factors. 


A man who consumes Oyster Boost and who is sexually aroused will, in general, experience greater ease in achieving an erection. Some men may experience an obvious increase in the hardness, length & diameter of the penis while others, a lengthened duration of 1-2 times the norm during sexual activity. 


A man who consumes Oyster Boost regularly as a food supplement, will not have any erection without sexual stimulation and arousal. This is just how nature operates. 


Note that a man does not have to take Oyster Boost for penile erection prior to sexual activity. As long as he is taking the recommended food supplement maintenance dosage of 2 capsules a week, erection will kick in automatically whenever he is sexually aroused. 


Another point to note is that the erection disappears after sex, and the penis reverts to its natural non-aroused state. 


Oyster Boost helps regenerate the reproductive area and makes erection happen naturally.